Established in 1995, Mingz Creations ... specialises in the creation of a profusion of electronic products embracing consumer electronics, household products, health care products, toys, games, as well as gift and premium items. Endeavor to help its clients to innovate, the company is creating products for the worldwide.

Mingz Creations involves itself in every phase of product development process, including product planning, product conceptualisation, product design as well as function design, ensuring its vision is preserved all the way from the initial concept to final production.Mingz Creations believes that good design creates ample business opportunties.

The keystone of the company's design process is to fully understand the requirement of its customers, and the strengths and weaknesses of competitive products. Mingz Creations dedicates to provide quality designs and cost-effective solutions to its clients. It is an ideal partner for the companies in quest of innovative product design.